This book by the late South African writer has been washed up upon the shores of my plot and reached a place at my shelves, far away from the raging sea and the turbulence of identity. Matthee relates the story of Moses Swart who was found as a very young boy at the bay when … Continue reading DIE UITGESPOELDES


A woman awakes aboard a sailingvessel on a vast expanse of water. Who is she? Where is she? What has happened in her recent past? She start a journey (a physical one and a mental one) to find an answer to her pertinent questions. She is compltely at ease on the sailingvessel. She knows the … Continue reading N’ZID


What a brilliant book about this raaiselkind (child of enigma). This Alexander (or Boetatjie, as the maid Miriam calls him) is the third child and first son of Dawid and Ingrid Dorfling, who live in a small town or village in South Africa. Dawid is the chef at the local Postoffice and Ingrid works at … Continue reading RAAISELKIND

Against Accessibility

Tope Folarin, an American with Nigerian roots, is not only a writer, but also a reader of novels from the continent Africa. In this article he writes about works by Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda and Imbolo Mbue. Do these writers relate (look at the first sentence of the debut of Chimamanda)?