At first I thought this book by Norman Silver (1946) was a bit policor, but in the progress of reading this idea moved to the background. This book is set in South Africa (the writer was born in South Africa), more specifically in Johannesburg and the area of Yeoville.  We meet four young female friends. … Continue reading A MONKEY’S WEDDING


Have you found a beautiful place to die? Malla Nunn, born in South Africa and residing in Australia, writes about this place in her crime novel. One of the main characters in this novel is dead, his name is Willem Pretorius, he was the chief of police in the Jacob’s Rest, near the border with … Continue reading A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO DIE


Less then 120 written pages, divided over 10 stories (yes, short stories). Pages of craftsmanship. Pages of terseness. Pages of hidden gems. Pages that expose a society. In these ten stories the South African writer Alan Paton (1903 – 1988) writes about events at a reformatory where he held a position of leadership (1935 – … Continue reading DEBBIE GO HOME

The Last Child Soldier

The wars, especially in West Africa and Uganda have raised many young soldiers, forced often to take up arms. The Lord’s Resistance Army (Uganda and surrounding countries) is an example. A number of these child soldiers have reached books, non-fiction books. In an other way they have reached fiction as well, books and movies. Aaron … Continue reading The Last Child Soldier


At first I thought this book is about his time in prison, but this book by the late Nigerian businessman, writer, poet, activist Ken Saro-Wiwa is more a book about his life, his writing, his political activities and a bit about his family. Ken shot to international fame due to his activities to highlight the … Continue reading A MONTH AND A DAY