This book is a monument for all those died during their time in service for national parks in Congo and Rwanda. The writer (1926 – 2014) was a biologist who worked for the colonial government in Congo and later for the government of independent Zaire. For twenty years (1948 – 1968) he served as a … Continue reading MOURIR POUR LES ÉLEPHANTS

Yadh Ben Achour «repense» la révolution tunisienne

The Arab spring with its roots in Tunesia has gone a long way. In some places it has born fruit and in other places the light has gone out again, or autumn has set in, as usual. What has been the character of the revolution in the North African country Tunesia? In an islamic country? … Continue reading Yadh Ben Achour «repense» la révolution tunisienne

Printed books ‘remain first choice for many consumers’

What will be the future of printed books? Will the rise of e-readers have a negative effect on the sale of printed books? A few years ago I was given a secondhand e-reader, I downloaded some free books, but I have hardly ever read on my reader. I do not know why. I prefer to … Continue reading Printed books ‘remain first choice for many consumers’


We meet Coen and Veerle Schippers in their small appartment in the medieval Dutch town of Amersfoort. They live on a meagre income. A few years ago they were the owners of an extensive farm in Zimbabwe, worth over $ 1.000.000. Someone else has taken their farm. When we think of Zimbawe and farmers that … Continue reading review WE MOETEN GAAN

Profiling E.C. Osondu

This profile is on the Nigerian author E.C. Osondu. He lives and works in the United States of America. In this profile we get a bird’s eye view of the career of this writer. We read about his longing for being able to play a musical instrument, but we just accept he plays his pen … Continue reading Profiling E.C. Osondu


Last week I wrote about a book by Philippe Frey. He travelled through the Sahara from east till west. He is an experienced desert-traveller. Today I will take you on a journey with two unexperienced desert travellers. These two are the writer of this book: Mathieu Berden (1909 – 1986) and his friend Herman Steylen … Continue reading JOURNAAL VAN EEN WOESTIJNREIZIGER