This novel is “The road to the north”. The road stretches from Morocco to France (via Spain) and finally the protagonist reaches The Netherlands and its capital Amsterdam. The writer Naima El Bezaz was born in the year 1974 in Meknes (Morocco), when she was four years old she moved with her family to a … Continue reading DE WEG NAAR HET NOORDEN

Colloque à Sfax : La géopoétique de l’œuvre de Tahar Bekri

Discussions can be held on literature, be it prose be it poetry.  A academic meeting will be held on the work of the Tunesian author Tahar Bekri (1951). He lives in Paris (France). Experts coming from several countries will come to Tunesia to discuss his work during two days. Read about it here. 


Let me not straight away delve into this collection of ten short stories, but write about the author first. Mulikita was born in Zambia in 1928. Part of his formal education he obtained in Grahamstown (South Africa), later on he went to the United States of America to study at Stanford University.  In his working … Continue reading A POINT OF NO RETURN

Seven Francophone African writers

At times I overlook the input of writers from Francophone Africa. Probably I have read more writers from North Africa as from other parts of the continent. An Ivorian lady by the name of Edwige-Renée Dro will give us an impression of the names to look for in your search for writers that use the … Continue reading Seven Francophone African writers


This is a story about a money order. Yes, a money order. This story shows the journey of a money order in Senegal. The piece of paper has been sent by Abdou who lives in Paris and who has made some money. The fortunate recipient is his relative Abrahima Dieng. The local postman delivers the … Continue reading LE MANDAT

Nigerian novel shortlisted for Kingston University Big Read 2017

Kingston University (London, UK) has a nice tradition. Every year the university sends a book to its new students, in advance of the academic year. The new students are supposed to read the book. It is called the Big Read. For the new academic year the selection panel has set its eyes on a book … Continue reading Nigerian novel shortlisted for Kingston University Big Read 2017