Last week I wrote about the debut novel of Naima el Bezaz. This book was about the journey on the road to the north by a young man who left his home country 0f Morocco and who travelled to Paris and Amsterdam, living finally the life of an illegal immigrant. 

Seven years later Naima published her second book. This book is set in Morocco and enters the world of magic and djinns and the corrupting power that travels with it, unseen. Naima starts her book with the words from the gospel according to John: Blessed are those who do not see, but still believe.  

We find in this book a collection of seven stories. Stories that are connected with one another through the old woman named Lalla Rebha. She has from the very start of her life a strong connection with the djinn Farzi. Rebha is an influential woman who lives near a cemetery. She has the power to influence situations, to break up the loving relationship of a couple, the life of a devout imam, to regain the love of one’s life. In these stories Naima shows the different love relations she has seen: a young girl married of to an older man; a young man who chases his dream (was it a dream of was it reality?); the relations within a family, with the potent force of money and influence. And the last and the most important relationship is that of Lalla Rebha, she is attached with strong strings to the dark world.

A well written book  by this author.

Naima el Bezaz – Minnares van de duivel – 2002 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor minnares van de duivel

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