Namwali Serpell: Being Zambitious

She teaches American literature to American Students, while coming from Zambia herself. This should not be a special things in a globalizing world. Just like an American teaching African literature somewhere at an African university or writing about it. The world is shrinking (in some ways) and we are getting closer. Even a man with … Continue reading Namwali Serpell: Being Zambitious

Durban book launch of

Another book is to be launched next month in the beachtown Durban (South Africa). The writer is Kobus Moolman and the title of the book is Swimming Lessons and Other Stories. The launch is during the daytime and please make a reservation if you want to attend. It is not needed to bring your swimming … Continue reading Durban book launch of

leaving gotham city

She is a young writer, born in Mampong (Ghana). When her family moved to the United States, she moved along. She did her studies over there and her longing to become a writer was born. She published a book ‘Homegoing’ (2016) that was accepted very well. Here you will find a short story written by Yaa, … Continue reading leaving gotham city

Maaza Mengiste talks about

Every picture tells a story. Some prefer to write stories, others prefer to shoot pictures. In the end both of them are storytellers, each in his or her own way.  Maaza Mengiste is a storyteller with words, just have a look at her books. In recent times she has also included a look at photographs, … Continue reading Maaza Mengiste talks about

The Border Is All Around Us, and It’s Growing

Borders are all around us. Borders bet5ween countries, between continents, beteen people, between groups of people. There are walls, not just between Mexico and the United States of America. There are high fences between Morocco and small portions of Spain, on the African continent.  Some people create borders by criticizing others, who are erecting borders. … Continue reading The Border Is All Around Us, and It’s Growing