Judging a book by its cover

Have you ever chosen a book in a bookshop, just by looking at the cover of the book? I cannot remember that I have ever done it. There is another side to covers. At times I am confused because the very same title has received several covers. Sometimes it is due to the country in … Continue reading Judging a book by its cover

Kenyan publishers protest

Education is a mainstay of every society. Be it formal education or informal education. Whoi will influence this education. Let us take a look at formal education. Who will write the books used by children and students? What will be the information in these books? What direction will this education take? These questions came to … Continue reading Kenyan publishers protest

Portrait of a literary critic as a bureaucrat

Some jobs have to be done. For instance a principal of a university. The Kenya literary critic, professor Egara Kabaji, has been appointed as the acting principal at the Turkana University College. Siundu is musing about this appointment. Will it have repercussions for the way the university will be organized?  Read about it here.