It took some time for me to take this book from my shelf, and when I started reading this debut I kept on reading. Rachel Zadok has done a good job with this novel. The story centers around a young girl named Faith, she lives on a farm with her father Marius and her mother … Continue reading GEM SQUASH TOKOLOSHE

Maaza Mengiste on defeating the sophomore slump

Writing a book is one thing. Writing your second book is quite another thing. You have managed to include so many brilliant ideas in your first book. You have robbed your past from many details and plots. Now you are brooding and brooding and slowly the ideas come for your second publication. Maaza Mengiste published … Continue reading Maaza Mengiste on defeating the sophomore slump


First of all I want to apologize for the lack of proper orthography in the use of the Yoruba (and related) names in this article. On the cover of the Dutch edition the orthography is used, but in between the covers the words are stripped to their basic essentials.  I will try to give a … Continue reading SOCRATES AND Òrúnmìlà