From Africa and the diaspora

Samira Sawlani has written a nice article on 10 books that have been published in 2017 by African literati, living in Africa or in the diaspora. When you want to make a start with updating your book collection this article is a good start. Read the article here.

What Does It Take to ‘Assimilate’ in America?

The topic of ‘us’ and ‘them’ is still around, has been around and will be around. The Morocco-born writer Laila Lalami moved to the United States of America, settled there, studied, and wrote. Today she published an article in The New York Times Magazine on the topic of assimilation. You can read her thoughts here. … Continue reading What Does It Take to ‘Assimilate’ in America?


David Ball (1949), a writer from the United States of America, is a well travelled man. Some of his travels took him the African continent. He did all kinds of jobs and he even tried his hand at writing. His first result in this field is this novel on the sands of Sahara and life … Continue reading EMPIRES OF SAND