9mobile Prize for Literature

Literary Prizes galore.  Here is some information on The 9mobile Prize for Literature . On the pages of this website you will find all the information you need as a young writer to apply for this prize, or your publisher will do it. There are some famous judges like Doreen Baingana from Uganda. The first prize is £15,000, to … Continue reading 9mobile Prize for Literature

Die Woordenaars dig & drink

It seems that the way poetry is presented to the prospective reader or hearer is changing. Poetry more and more becomes a performance art. Poetry enters our lives more and more through our ears and less through our eyes.  For some reading poetry and listening to it cannot be separated from drinking a strong drink.  … Continue reading Die Woordenaars dig & drink

Abuja writers host Henry Akubuiro, Mike Ekunno

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, is a place of literature, at least a place where writers and readers, speakers and listeners come together. Two speakers who are also writers will come to Abuja to grace a meeting of the Abuja Writers’ Forum. Read more about this meeting with these writers. 

Desire for knowledge

Many books are being published in Africa. Countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya are at the forefront of publishing. But what about Cameroon? It is a small neighbour next to Nigeria.  In Cameroon we find the publisher Langaa. In its ten years of existence it published 500 books. This publishing house want to put … Continue reading Desire for knowledge

Nairobi Book Fair date

In Nairobi is a hub for literature. Story Moja  will have its Festival. Now we have some information on the Nairobi Book Fair. Organising Fairs and Festivals is one thing, but getting people to read is another thing. How to create a situation in which children enjoy reading books, not for the sake of an … Continue reading Nairobi Book Fair date