The reluctant president

Nelson Mandela, the first post-apartheid president of South Africa, worked on a biography on his presidential years. He did not manage to finish those years in his biography. Now the author Mandla Langa has finished this corpus of Mandela. Here you will find a teaser, an excerpt of this book Dare not Linger.

Prolific writer Oyeyemi shortlisted for BBC short story award

The Nigeria rooted writer Helen Oyeyemi (1984) has published numerous books and short stories. Now one of her short stories has been shortlisted for the BBC National Short Story Award. There are four other stories on this shortlist, by four other writers. Read more about it here.  

Ugandan writer Beatrice Lamwaka

This is another session in the series on writers on books. This time we meet the Ugandan writer Beatrice Lamwaka. She was born in the Gulu area in northern Uganda where there was much fighting during the civil war, with the Lord’s Resistance Army. In one of her stories she wrote about the devastating effects … Continue reading Ugandan writer Beatrice Lamwaka

Sequel to Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’

Nelson Mandela did not manage to finish his manuscript on his presidential years. ‘Long walk to Freedom’ highlighted his previous years, all the long years to his release from prison at Robben Island. The South African novelist Mandla Langa. We look forward to this book to learn more about his days in office. Those were … Continue reading Sequel to Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’