a new header

Since the start of this blog I had one picture in the header of this blog. This picture stayed faithfully at the same place. Now I have made a change. There is a changing header with pictures from different book covers. Do you know what books I have pictured in the header?  Let me know!

Rencontre littéraire avec le romancier Yamen Manaï

There will be meeting at Tunis with the Tunesian writer Yamen Manaï. Is there a special reason for this event in the capital city? It is special that he lives in France and now will come to Tunis, crossing the Mare Nostra to reach Tunis to talk about his latest novel ‘L’amas ardent’. Read more about … Continue reading Rencontre littéraire avec le romancier Yamen Manaï

Celebrate Pan-African writers with Es’kia Mphahlele and the Market Theatre

The idea of a meeting of Pan-African writers came alive in Ghana where the first meeting was held in 1992. Now an extended meeting will take place again, with a focus on South Africa and the writer Es’kia Mphahlele. More information you can find here.

Lucy Hawking attends launch

South Africa has the wealth of many languages. At times wealth is a welcome privilege. At other times wealth can be a hindrance. A wealth of languages can be a hindrance in proper communication. Some languages in South Africa have a wider use than others, so some languages could be left out in the field … Continue reading Lucy Hawking attends launch


She passed away over 12 years ago. Her name is Dalene Matthee and she was born in 1938 and she died in 2005. Her language of writing was the Afrikaner language, but her books have been translated in many other languages. From origin she was a musician, she worked in the field of teaching music, … Continue reading BRUG VAN DIE ESELS