Cairo International Book Fair

Later this month people will flock to the Egyptian capital Cairo. In this metropole an Internal Book Fair will be held. An event like this many people will gather to be present, to speech, to negotiate, to browse, to linger, to be surprised. May many people go and enjoy themselves. Some more information on this … Continue reading Cairo International Book Fair

Landeg White obituary

His name was completely unfamiliar to me when I read it in this news item in a newspaper. It is a obituary. The man who passed away is Landeg White who spent many years in several African countries in the educational field. His was specializing in the Lusophone part of the continent as a writer … Continue reading Landeg White obituary

Teaching with Arabic literature in translation

Would it be wonderful to know the original language of a book that you want to read? Recently I read a few books by a famous Egyptian writer. I cannot read Arabic.I have to flee to a translation. Fortunately I enjoyed the book very much. Many people find themselves in the same situation as I. … Continue reading Teaching with Arabic literature in translation