A journalist asked Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie if there are bookstores in Nigeria

Well, well, well. This interview in France caused quite a stir. The Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngzoi Adichie was being interviewed by Caroline Broué, a French journalist. The journalist asked a question about people in Nigeria who read her work and then she stumbled into the next question. She stumbled and fumbled, making an extensive introduction, and then asked about bookshops (not libraries!) in Nigeria. This in itself was on the social media very quickly, including the way Chimamanda answered this question. 

Another point made by Chimamanda was about post-colonial literature. “What is that”, she wondered? This caused a stir on Twitter, a big stir. Tweep attacked her. Tweeps defended her, even I took part in the discussion on Twitter.  As if the world came tumbling down. 

Post-colonial period. I assume it is the time after the colonial period. Some countries do not have a post-colonial period, let alone post-colonial literature. It will not be very difficult to give every country with a colonial past a starting date for this post -colonial literature. Now about the other date: when will this period of post-colonial literature end? 

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