WASAFIRI new writing prize 2018

Those who travel have many stories. When you write your story or your poem remember the Wasafiri prize 2018. You have still have plenty of time to submit your literary children to the organizers, so the jury will be able to have a look at it. Read more here. 

Kinyanjui Kombani is the banking literary genius taking Kenya by storm

Worldwide the banking world has been criticised very much. The image is of a bunch of greedy people. Sometimes we get good news form a banker. This time it is a Kenyan banker who doubles as a prolific writer. His name is Kinyanjui Kombani and in this article you will find information about his books.  … Continue reading Kinyanjui Kombani is the banking literary genius taking Kenya by storm

Awaking to freedom

The need for freedom seems to be a human need. Freedom is often used in demonstrations, in discussions, in ugly stand-offs, in signed papers. But what is our present when we long for freedom? What will be our future when we desire freedom? Freedom from what? Freedom to do what? The South African poet Athol … Continue reading Awaking to freedom

6 Rising African American Authors

This month people in the United States of America celebrate Black History Month. The other eleven months still have to be decided. Colour specialists are unable to come to an agreement. At least Black Americans are in the front and spearheading the movement. Some writers are highlighted in this article. Special attention for the Ghanaian … Continue reading 6 Rising African American Authors


As a lionness she wanted to protect her children, this is what Esma Abdelhamid (1960) writes (with the help of Marianne Moesle) in this book. It is the story of a mother who does not want to be separated from her three children, no matter what tradition in her male-dominated Tunesian culture says and stipulates. … Continue reading Review of LÖWENMUTTER