How to move between realities

The Nigeria-born writer Akwaeke Emezi has recently published her book Freshwater. In this novel she takes a deep plunge into her background as an Ibo-woman who looks at the Igbo ontology and ideas about life and living. This ontology has never been away, it was nearby, sometimes hidden, sometimes competing with other ideas on ontology. … Continue reading How to move between realities

‘Jammeh used LGBTQ as political scapegoat’

Josh Scheinert worked as a professor of law at the University of The Gambia, a small country on the west coast of Africa. For many years this country was linked to Yahya Jammeh, who was president of this country. During the years 2010-2011 saw at firsthand the repercussions of the regime of this president.  Scheinert … Continue reading ‘Jammeh used LGBTQ as political scapegoat’

Film on Tafawa Balewa’s book, ‘Shehu Umar’ to premiere in Germany

It has been some moons ago I visited the mausoleum of Sir Tafewa Balawa (1912 – 1966). He was a politician from Northern Nigeria and he was the first elected Prime Minister of Nigeria. He is first and foremost remembered as a politician who found his death during the coup of 1966.  But Tafawa Balewa … Continue reading Film on Tafawa Balewa’s book, ‘Shehu Umar’ to premiere in Germany

Poet profile: Siphokazi Jonas

It is always good to pay attention to poets. This time the limelight is focussed on the South African lady Siphokazi Jonas. She has studied at University, did her work in the fields of Drama and English language and literature. After she finished her studies she took more and more time to make her name … Continue reading Poet profile: Siphokazi Jonas


A Dutch book written by a Morocco-born writer. Her name is Naima el Bezaz. She still had to reach her teens when she travelled with her mother to The Netherlands to join her father.  In this book, her fourth novel, she takes a closer look at herself without calling it an autobiography. The title is: … Continue reading Review of HET GELUKSSYNDROOM