‘Jammeh used LGBTQ as political scapegoat’

Josh Scheinert worked as a professor of law at the University of The Gambia, a small country on the west coast of Africa. For many years this country was linked to Yahya Jammeh, who was president of this country. During the years 2010-2011 saw at firsthand the repercussions of the regime of this president. 

Scheinert now has written a book on the situation of the LGBTQ community in Gambia. In his novel an American volunteer who is gay (just like Josh) meets a Gambian with whom he develops a relationship.  

In this article and interview Scheinert talks about his book ‘The Order of Nature‘ and his experiences in Gambia and the position of the LGBTQ community in the last years of Jammah. He tells about the influences of the western countries, colonialism and churches on the topic of homosexuality, but he does not mention the colonialism of Arab countries in Africa and the influence of mosques. Strange, noting that former president Jammah is a muslim, who wanted to put an islamic stamp on The Gambia.  

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