Young writer making big exploits

When she reached the tender age of thirteen years she published her first book titled ‘Genetic Twists‘. Anesu Mukombiwa from Zimbabwe is still at a secondary school and is working on her next novel. She tells a few things about this forthcoming novel in this article.  

Scheepsramp ss Mendi in Nederland herdacht

This an interesting background article to the novel ‘Dancing the Death Drill’ by the South African writer Fred Khumalo. During the first world war the African continent was heavily involved in this war that was mainly fought on the European continent.  A British steamship Mendi brought troops from South Africa to England and the intention … Continue reading Scheepsramp ss Mendi in Nederland herdacht

“Mother of Invention”

There seems to be no end to the creativity of the writer Nnedi Okorafor, who has strong roots in Nigeria, but also in the future. It is a very intruiging combination: Nigeria and the future. She writes about it like literary superwoman. Here you find a recent short story by her. Do not confuse this … Continue reading “Mother of Invention”