Five years later, legacy of great academic, priest Donders lives

In the decade of the eighties of last century he was a household name in many circles in Kenya. He lectured at the university of Nairobi, his field was philosophy but his qualities went beyond this academic field. He wrote many books, in the context of Kenyan life. Some of these books were academic, others … Continue reading Five years later, legacy of great academic, priest Donders lives

Jennifer Makumbi Wins Windham Campbell Prize for Fiction 2018

She has done it. After a long journey in writing and finding a publisher and getting attention for her epic work on Uganda and the changes that its people have gone through she now will be receiving a famous literary prize. Kudo’s for this lady.  You will find more in this article.    

Die Vergangenheit ist gegenwärtig

Berlin, the lively town with a rich history in Germany, will be a center of African literature in the month of April. On the 28th day of this month several writers from the African continent will come together with spectators and participants to talk about the presence of the past. Read more about it here. … Continue reading Die Vergangenheit ist gegenwärtig

Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart

This year there is time for a literary celebration for it is 60 years ago that the now famous novel Things Fall Apart was published. It has been written by the Nigerian author Chinua Achebe. It was a publication during the last days of the colonial rule. The novel showed the clash between the old … Continue reading Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart