review of 7 DAYS

Who was Hanneke Sloet?

She was a corporate lawyer in South Africa. She was murdered in her own apartment. But who was she? With whom did she have contacts, at her work, outside her work? The case has been closed without finding the murderer.

But the situation changes very rapidly when an unknown sniper decides to put pressure on the case. He is convinced that the police knows who is the culprit but that culprit is protected by the very same police and political powers. The sniper decides to kill policemen to force the police force to take action and bring the murderer of Sloet to court.

Benny Griessel gets the task to work on this case and he delves into the life of Sloet while pressure builds up. He combs through through every square inch of her life, trying to find a clue, even a very small one. The sniper does not speak empty words. A policeman is shot. The pressure increases. At the same time Griessel has to coach his junior colleagues to learn more about the profession of a copper. 

7 days.

Day by day Deon Meyer takes us by the hand through the corporate world, high finance and takeovers, Russian crooks and the exploding world of information technology and communication (the books was published in 2012). 

Once again a book by Deon Meyer is a captivating book and this one will not last seven days before you reach the final page.
You want to move on.
You want to find clues.
You want to get answers to your questions.
You want to see behind the public life of Hanneke Sloet.
You want to get to know the sniper.

But Deon Meyer does not give it to you on a platter. You have to stay alert (without alcohol), and in the end you look back to place the final pieces of the puzzle.

Deon Meyer – 7 DAYS – 2012Afbeeldingsresultaat voor deon meyer 7 days

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