More than just an object

These days the southern African country Namibia seems to be known for its shifting sand dunes. Shifting sands and shifting colours. Till just over a century ago Namibia was a German colony (1884 – 1915), carrying the name Deutsch-Südwestafrika.  One of the colonial officers was Heinrich Ernst Göring (a son of him rose to fame in … Continue reading More than just an object

By the book: Regina Timothy

I wonder where she lives, this writer Regina Timothy. Her first name means Queen, so she might be living in her own queendom.  She is in a village, with sunsets and sunrises and wildlife, not always in that order. Could the place be Nairobi? In this issue of By The Book she answers book-related questions on … Continue reading By the book: Regina Timothy


This book by the Ugandan writer Nakisanze Segawa takes us back to 1880’s in the kingdom of Buganda. So we have no need to discuss colonial or post-colonial literature, for we have entered the days of the kingdoms in the present-day Uganda. This period has not been chosen at random, for in this period there … Continue reading Review of THE TRIANGLE

Meet the teenage feminist who has just published her first book

At what age did you write your first manuscript?  There is a good chance it was at a later age than the age of the young Ripfumelo Nkomo from South Africa. Around her tender age of eight she had written her fist manuscript. Now she has published her first book, for a manuscript is a manuscript, … Continue reading Meet the teenage feminist who has just published her first book