Ethno-erotic Economies

Modernity and tradition meet one another at the coast in Kenya. The boys from upcountry dance and sing at the tourist spots. They walk on the beach. They meet young and old and ladies of all kinds. I have read about it before.  Think of the personal trilogy of Corinne Hofmann or the book ‘Houden van Afrikanen’ (1991) by the Dutch academic Agnes Sommer, who married a Rendille. She worked on a Ph.D. on this topic of coastal warriors and white ladies but I do not know if she ever managed to finish this study. 


Now a new book on this topic has been published. George Paul Meiu has published his ‘Ethno-erotic Economies’, a thorough anthropological research into these relationships across borders and gender with mutual benefits. In this interview you will hear more. 

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