Authors @Alden to host Nigerian author

Sometimes I do wonder. Is there a university in the United States of America without a writer from the African continent, especially Nigeria? A visiting writer. A resident writer. A teaching writer. A lecturing writer. This is about a visit by the Nigerian writer Chuma Nwokolo to Athens, not the famous one in Greece, but … Continue reading Authors @Alden to host Nigerian author

The 2017 ACT Award results

Next month the final result will be out. Just have some patient with the people who make the decision. The longlist had been made known. Now the shortlist follows and next month will the shortest list announced. Be patient, read a book and wait for the news. Do not make a noise, Chika Unighwe is … Continue reading The 2017 ACT Award results

Awele Creative Trust announces Act Award 2017 shortlist

Another opportunity for young and aspiring writers (BTW is every writer an aspiring writer?). Chika Unigwe the Nigerian writer and organizer and stimulator is the woman behind the ACT Award. In this article you will find more information about the prize and the names on the shortlist. 

Home is better than this place: Read an exclusive excerpt from Nozizwe Cynthia Jele’s forthcoming novel, The Ones with Purpose

Later this month the South African writer Nozizwe Cynthyia Jele will launch her novel The ones with purpose. At least  Nozizwe belongs to the category of people with a purpose. In this article you will find an excerpt of her novel.

‘My main objective is still to help build a bigger reader base of fiction in this country and beyond’

It is her main objective and an immense objective. How to get more people to read, not just in her home country South Africa, but also in Namib, Botswana, Lesotho and many more countries. One way of achieving this objective is to write good books and do some proper PR. So let me help a little … Continue reading ‘My main objective is still to help build a bigger reader base of fiction in this country and beyond’

2018 Hugo Awards

In the long list with many categories we find one familiar name, in the category Award for Best Young Adult Book. Her name is Nnedi Okorafor with her Nigerian roots and her roots in traditions that tend to confuse and excite readers, both young and old. The names and books of winner will be made … Continue reading 2018 Hugo Awards