Prof Wole Soyinka urges Nigeria’s anti-corruption body to arrest corrupt leaders

The Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka does not shy away from a clear statement. He was one of the speakers at a congress on corruption. He would like to see the watch dogs to dare to enter the political field, where corruption is present, very much so. In this article you will read more about it.  

‘I’m ashamed not to have read The Color Purple’

In a Kenyan newspaper I follow a series named BY THE BOOK. Often young writers tell about books that have been important to them in their life. Now I came across an article in a British newspaper, asking a writer, a well known writer, about books in her life. In this article Taiye Selasi answers … Continue reading ‘I’m ashamed not to have read The Color Purple’

BY THE BOOK: Melissa Wachia Kayanda

This is another episode in the continuing story of BY THE BOOK. In this series we meet young and often promising writers. Some have been published, some blog, some write poetry, some hope to be published and some … This time we meet Melissa Wachia Kayanda. She is in involved with music and words and … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Melissa Wachia Kayanda