Here is our book prize long list

Sometimes I ask myself: do I need to put longlists and shortlists on my blog? There are soooo many prizes on the continent. Soo many lists, long and short. Soo many winners. But I will continue for it is a reminder of good books and short stories and poems. A sign of attention for all … Continue reading Here is our book prize long list

A Medley of Encounters

I have read quite a number of travel books. Travellers crossing border after border, travelling by foot or bicycle or by car through parts of the immense continent of Africa. One common thread in all these travelogues is the difficulty of crossing borders. The hardship of going from one country to another. Papers do not … Continue reading A Medley of Encounters

Why I’m reclaiming my spiritual identity

Her article start with a generalization of African children raised in christian families. Then she moves to her personal situation. Let us not forget there is not a single story, not even among christians. Charisse Chikwir delves into her pentecostal background and her cultural heritage. She wants to revive and restore that Shona background and … Continue reading Why I’m reclaiming my spiritual identity