Uns bekommt hier niemand mehr weg

They came together in the German town Frankfurt. Global icon of prominence of the financial world, probably even more so after the Brexit, when financial institutions will leave London and move to Frankfurt. Will people talk about all the foreigners and expat’s who will descend on this town? 

During the past few years there have been heated debates in Germany about people from across the border coming into the country to seek for an abode of peace. A place to rebuild their life. A place to settle. Left wing and right wing have expressed differing opinions about the influx of many especially from, Syria and surrounding countries.

Will the influx of others have an impact on the state of Germany and the state of Germanness? Wrtiters from home and abroad flocked to Frankfurt to talk about the question: “Was ist deutsch?” (What is German?) 

Die in Berlin lebende Autorin Sharon Otoo posiert am 05.07.2016 in Berlin. Mit der doppelbödigen Geschichte über ein Ei, das nicht hart werden will, hat die in Berlin lebende Autorin den renommierten Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis gewonnen. Foto: Paul Zinken/dpa (zu dpa-Interview «Bachmann-Preisträgerin Otoo: «Ich finde es schwierig mit Deutsch»») [ Rechtehinweis: (c) dpa ]One of the writers was a lady living in Berlin, born in London (United Kingdom), with Ghanaian roots. In this article you will find out that her name is Sharon Dodua Otoo. 

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