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Malawi is a country with a rich history in the field of church and mission. One of the people who have played in role in both church and mission is Sangaya, to whom this little book has been devoted. 

Jonathan Sangaya had a long history with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. During the many years between 1927 and 1979 he served the churches in many different capacities. His first stint (till 1940) was as a teacher at mission school. He left his job in education to join the Brtish Army, during the second world war. Shortly after the war he started training to become a minister in the church. He served as a General Secretary and as Moderator for the synod. 

The writer of this book has known Sangaya personally when he served at the office of the synod. He traces the life of the man he admired. Do not expect critical notes, this book falls in to the category of a ‘hagiography’. But it is a valuable contribution to writing the history of the churches in Malawi. 

Unfortunately there is no photograph of Jonathan Sangaya in my copy of this book. I took the picture in the heading from another edition of this book.

Silas S. Ncozana – Sangaya (A Kachere Text) – 1996


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