She got that glow

The Nigeria-rooted academic and writer Nnedi Okorafor has been on a steady climb in the world of literature and entertainment. She graced the red carpet with the man who accompanied her. To many the name of the man, George R.R. Martin, is more famous than Nnedi Okorafor, at least to some. To her fanbase Nnedi … Continue reading She got that glow

Northern Nigeria Creative Development: The Valley And The Boundary

Today is the start of a festival at the northern Nigerian town Minna. Many literary events take place in the southern parts of the country and it seems that the northern parts are left behind and left on their own. Well, Minna takes up the challenge. Have a look at the website of this festival. 

Why I’m reclaiming my spiritual identity

Her article start with a generalization of African children raised in christian families. Then she moves to her personal situation. Let us not forget there is not a single story, not even among christians. Charisse Chikwir delves into her pentecostal background and her cultural heritage. She wants to revive and restore that Shona background and … Continue reading Why I’m reclaiming my spiritual identity

Festival voor het Afrikaans

By the end of next week Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands, will host the festival of the Afrikaanse language will take place. The Afrikaner language is the third language in South Africa. Among the speakers of this language white folks are a minority. There is strong bond with the Dutch language, that came with the … Continue reading Festival voor het Afrikaans

Siphiwo Malaha delivers his inaugural postdoctoral address

The life and achievements of Can Themba is being celebrated in South Africa. One of the speakers at the symposium was Siphiwo Malaha, a well known author, who gave the first address at the event. In this article you will read more information about this event.