Christopher J. Lee, “Soviet Journey: A Critical Annotated Edition”

Alex la Guma, the South African writer and activist, was born in the famous District Six in Cape Town in the year 1925. He passed away in the 1985 while in exile in the United Kingdom. His father had been an active member of the Communist Party of South Africa and his son Alex followed … Continue reading Christopher J. Lee, “Soviet Journey: A Critical Annotated Edition”

novels by south africa’s dickens

I find it difficult to compare writers. Each writer has its own style, its own quality. The writer of this article thinks Alex la Guma is South Africa’s Charles Dickens, the famous British author. Can we say: Charles Dickens is the British’ Alex la Guma? These matters aside, let us look at something more important … Continue reading novels by south africa’s dickens

alex la guma’s neglected legacy

Sometimes it seems to me that there was no African writing before the days of Chinua Achebe and Ngugi wa Thiong’o. They receive honours and praise. But what about the older voices? I have paid attention to Sol T. Plaatje. But what about a man like Alex la Guma (1925 – 1985)? A long forgotten writer. … Continue reading alex la guma’s neglected legacy