Several books on my shelves tell the stories of women from northern Africa and the Horn of Africa. Stories of women raised in countries in which the islam reigns supreme. Stories of oppre4ssion in in a religious way but also in a cultural way. At times these two influences are hard to distinguish. Is the … Continue reading review LE VOILE DE LA PEUR


This is the horrifying story of Samira Bellil,  a girl grown into a young woman, who was raised in the suburbs of Paris in a family of Algerian descent.  She herself was born in Algeria. Samira tells her story of gang rape of drugs abuse of physical and mental abuse to show other girls and … Continue reading review DANS L’ENFER DES TOURNANTES


A book of beauty. A stream of words, crafted by Malika. At times I drifted along with her stream of thoughts and words used. To me this book is a beautiful book. This story is set in the desert areas of Algeria, during the colonial days., when the French colonial power tried to rule this … Continue reading review LE SIÈCLE DES SAUTERELLES


The Algerian / French writer Albert Camus wrote a few classics and became an important voice in the literary world of the northern hemisphere. He was born in Mondovi (nowadays Dréan) in the northeastern corner of Algeria in the year 1913 in a pied-noir family. Shortly after the Second World War he published his La … Continue reading Review LA PESTE

Habib al-Sayah: Cracking ‘the Shell of the Taboo Around Talking about Algerian Jews’

Algeria as we know it has a long, very long history. One group has been living in Algeria for many centuries. They came from the east, the near east. They came from the north, from the Iberian Peninsula, after persecution. These jews settled in what is now Algeria and live there up till this day.  … Continue reading Habib al-Sayah: Cracking ‘the Shell of the Taboo Around Talking about Algerian Jews’