What kind of novel is this book by the late South African writer André Brink? Is it a historical novel? Is it a psychological novel? Is it a thriller? Is it a political statement? Is it ….? This beautiful novel can be read in many ways. You can peel off layer after layer. You may … Continue reading review AN INSTANT IN THE WIND


Should I have remembered the name ‘Cupido Kakkerlak’ or ‘Cupido Cockroach’? I now know I came across his name several times when I read a book written by Ido Enklaar on the Dutch scholar and missionary Johannes Theodorus van der Kemp (1747-1811). In The Netherlands he founded a missionary society and he himself, after having … Continue reading review PRAYING MANTIS


A boxing glove hit my stomach at full speed. It left me with a sick feeling and a painful head. The glove came with a name and the hand in it came with a name. ‘A dry white season’ and ‘André Brink’. The South African writer Brink passed away in 2015 when he was on … Continue reading Review A DRY WHITE SEASON

The Fifth Mrs Brink: An interview

They met for the first time at an airport in Austria. André Brink was the famous writer and Karina Szczurek picked him from the airport. The meeting ended in a love affair, that moved on into a marriage, till André passed away on a plane, bringing him back to South Africa. Now his widow has written … Continue reading The Fifth Mrs Brink: An interview


This book is one in a set of three. I have read one book, now the second (no numerological order). The main character of the book is a South African architect, a succesful acrchitect and a well-to-do one. Married with two children and even an au-pair from Europe. One day he wakes up, goes to … Continue reading SPIEËL / MIRROR

ingrid se rooi trui

A poetic ‘trui’. A trui to keep the cold out and the words and sentences and plots in. A trui to invent phrases and to order words to come out of the crevices. A trui in the colour of love and blood. A trui bought by Ingrid Jonker. A trui given to André Brink.