andré p. brink awarded

A number of his books have found shelter on my shelves. Nicely gathered at the place of B. in the alphabetical order of things. One of his books I have read. It was about a plague and a journey in Europe. Now all these other books are still looking at me and biding their time. … Continue reading andré p. brink awarded

stumbling upon books

Last week we went for a short trip to a riverside town, with roots going back to the days of the Vikings and beyond. We wandered around in the silent streets, accompanied by a drizzling rain. Many shops had inviting displays of artefacts and clothes (in all sizes). Near the main church we stumbled upon … Continue reading stumbling upon books

books for charity

It just happened last Saturday. A church around the corner had announced a secondhandbooksale for charity. I wonder who the charity is? Is it me? In this way I can buy books for a low price. But maybe also others benefit from the sale. For the sum of €15 I managed to buy me a … Continue reading books for charity

a letter to madiba

He passed away recently. Praises flow like oceans. Here is one of the voices. An honest voice. A deliberate voice. Praise and criticism. Handed out with a personal attachment to Nelson Mandela.  André Brink wrote a personal letter (in public) to Madiba.