Bessie Head: A Life of Letters

  Bessie Head was one of the earlier writers coming from then African continent and getting a wide readership. Her writing not only reached the pages of her books, but also found its way into many letters she wrote. In this article you will find more about her life in correspondence.

Remembering Bessie Head

Her name not only carries a voice in southern Africa. Her voice captured in written words travelled through the whole continent, from border to border, from language to language, she crossed the seven seas. Her words are not forgotten, the words from this bold lady Bessie Head (1937 – 1986). Read here some quotes from … Continue reading Remembering Bessie Head

five african novels to read before you die

Think about the novels from your homecountry. Select five of them.  Impossible task? I can imagine.  Someone  advices five African novels to read before you die. Five novels from this immense continent, with so many languages and cultures and countries and  styles and diasporas. (Forget about Nobel Prize winners from the continent!!) I do not … Continue reading five african novels to read before you die

the 10 best african writers

One needs some courage to compile a list with the ten best African writers. Let us forget for the moment the proper definition of an “African Writer”.  The compiler of this list (professor John Masterton) did one easy step: he excluded Chinua Achebe. Maybe because everyone would have listed this Nigerian writer.