david livingstone online

In a recent article in The Guardian the Nigeria-born writer Chibundu Onuzo mentions the famous missionary and explorer David Livingstone as an example of a white person who went to Africa, so why should not a black person travel unhindered to Europe.  I just discovered a website on the life and work of David Livingstone … Continue reading david livingstone online

mccall smith: the secret thrill

He is the creator of the unforgettable Mme Marotswe, the founder of the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in Botswana. This lady, traditionally built, solves mysteries, cures pain, and brings people together. Alexander McCall Smith is the creator and he wrote a number of books on this detective agency. He wrote other books as well. He … Continue reading mccall smith: the secret thrill

the african literary scene is small

A writer needs a publisher. Even when he or she enters the world of self-publishing he or she needs him/herself to be the publisher. But suppose you have finished your manuscript. The next step will be to find a publisher. How do you go about that? What is a good publisher? Here you find an … Continue reading the african literary scene is small