A change in literary form sparks a revival in the writings of retired journalist Jolyon Nuttall

He refound his voice when he spent time in a bookshop in farflung USA, at the university of Harvard. Jolyon started writing again after he had written several books in the past, one on fly fishing. He is interviewed by his son-in-law Achille Mbembe, a philosopher from Cameroon. 

Turning the ‘Curse of Ham’ into a blessing

What is your origin? Where do we come from and how does this origin define us? One of the books with a story of origin is the bible. Due to poor exegesis the idea emerged that Africans were cursed, due to their ancestor Ham. How do writers with African roots, from different parts of the … Continue reading Turning the ‘Curse of Ham’ into a blessing

‘I was there’: Essays that map a life

Late in his life he decided to write a collection of essays on daily life, maybe a bit like columns on fly fishing. In this interview the journalist Jolyon Nuttall talks with his son-in-law the Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe.

Salon international du livre de Yaoundé: fin du chapitre III

In the capital city of the West African country Cameroon an international book fair was held. This is one of the articles talking about this fair. It is good that these fairs are being held, for it gives the general public the chance to keep in touch with developments in the world of books. 

Un pays qui n’a pas de salon du livre n’existe pas

This is quite a statement. A country that does not have a book fair does not exist. Fortunately since a few years Cameroon does exist. For this is the 3rd edition of the international book fair. One of the prominent guests is the writer Calixthe Beyala, who now lives in France. In this interview you … Continue reading Un pays qui n’a pas de salon du livre n’existe pas

Salon du livre: une page pour Calixthe Beyala

Today, at the international book fair in Yaoudé, the capital of Cameroon, all the spotlights will be on the writer Calixthe Beyala. She is one of the outstanding writers in her country Cameroon and in here adopted country France. A fair without her would not be fair. In this article you will read more about … Continue reading Salon du livre: une page pour Calixthe Beyala