He heard music. He was researching and he heard the music and he wanted to hear more. It was pygmy music from central Africa. He decided to go there and record music, more music, trying to understand this music that brought him in a totally different world. First he contacted Colin Turnbull, the man who … Continue reading Review of SONG FROM THE FOREST

we must not look away

When you follow the headlines (and maybe the article belonging to the headline), you might read about the situation about a passengerplane shot down. About the Hamas – Israel situation. About the atrocities of IS(IS).  And what about the daily violence in some African countries? Are we looking away? Or are we waiting for just … Continue reading we must not look away


What is like to be Afro-American in Africa? That is what Eddy wonders about. He does not entertain thoughts about his ancestry, like : I am able retrace the steps of my forefathers and foremothers. His journey starts in Paris, a town with many people coming from West Africa. They have gone to paris in … Continue reading review NATIVE STRANGER


Stuart is in a garage in a small town in Algeria. Another chance for repairs for his beloved vehicle. Yes, one more. A friend asked him to pick up a Landrover in the Central African Republic (CAR). Why not? He is accompanied by a young woman, not his wife, for his wife stays in the … Continue reading review MALARIA DREAMS