The top West African diaspora authors you must read

According to this article this is the top in writing with its origin in West Africa. All these writers are no longer living in West Africa but have moved, some at a young age, to other pastures.  Many are now living in the United States of America. The majority of the writers mentioned has Nigerian … Continue reading The top West African diaspora authors you must read

noviolet bulawayo interviews chinelo

I could not find the date of publication of this interview. Chinelo Okparanta has just published her novel ‘Under the udala trees”, so I have decided to publish it today. Nothing lost, nothing gained? Gained a good interview on the writing of Chinelo.

dear reader: chinelo okparanta

What a wonderful idea. A writer in residence. Not at an university, for a period of weeks and months. The residence is a hotel and the writer stays for one night. The task given to the writer is to write a letter to the residents of the hotel, all of them will receive this letter. … Continue reading dear reader: chinelo okparanta

chinelo okparanta’s highly anticipated

She is one of those writers from the African continent who lives in the diaspora. In teh United States of America she works at the university of Southern New Hampshire. She is at the brink of publishing her first novel with a familiar theme for Nigerian writers: the civil war. But this is not the … Continue reading chinelo okparanta’s highly anticipated

chinelo okparanta on faith

When you put together the civil war in Nigeria (Biafra), faith and the gay-life you should have a few good ingredients for a good novel.  The Nigerian writer Chinelo Okparanta did put these elements together in her novel ‘Under the Udala trees’. In a few days her novel will be launched. More about the novel … Continue reading chinelo okparanta on faith

great artistry brought to bear

She was born at the port Port Harcourt, Nigeria, but at the age of ten she left in the company of her family. Her father was looking for better medical treatment and they traversed the ocean and arrived in the United States.  Chinelo Okparanta decided to write and write and wrote short stories, books have … Continue reading great artistry brought to bear