Five years later, legacy of great academic, priest Donders lives

In the decade of the eighties of last century he was a household name in many circles in Kenya. He lectured at the university of Nairobi, his field was philosophy but his qualities went beyond this academic field. He wrote many books, in the context of Kenyan life. Some of these books were academic, others … Continue reading Five years later, legacy of great academic, priest Donders lives


A nightingale keeps on singing, just like a christian keeps on singing.  This is evident in the life of Helen Berhane who has written about her life in this book. She is a woman who was born in Eritrea. She gets married when she is 16 years young, her husband (20 years older) divorces her … Continue reading SONG OF THE NIGHTINGALE

book for africa: prosperity ?

The number of christians is still growing in Africa. Both in the urban and the rural areas. Some of the growth is due to internal forces of pastors and other beleivers who take their faith seriously and live it in their daily lives.  Some of the growth is due to external forces that have come … Continue reading book for africa: prosperity ?


This is the story of a Dutchman who was trained as a fighterpilot at the F16 fighterplane and who changed the course of his life. During his training in Canada he was converted to christianity and he decided to follow a different careerpath. He joined the Missionary Aviation Fellowhip (MAF), to be a bushpilot based … Continue reading F16 PILOOT MET EEN NIEUWE MISSIE


I read a review of this book. The person had read the book but could not fathom the targetaudience for this book. The content was a bit confusing to the reviewer. It is indeed a confusing book. It was to me. But confusing in another sense as the reviewer wrote. The confusion is not in … Continue reading DONKERBOSVERDWAAL


David du Plessis was a South African who rose to fame within Pentecostal churchcircles. He was one of the driving forces behind the improving relationships between churches worldwide (mainly World Council of Churches) and the fast growing pentecostal movement.  He was born in 1905  near Cape Town. His parents joined the movement that was started … Continue reading A MAN CALLED MR. PENTECOST