The Fruits of Freedom in British Togoland

The people of Togo have seen the Germans come and colonize the country we call these days Togo. After the German defeat in the Great War the French and the British came and took over the legacy and these two countries divided Togo. Later the years of indepoendence came sweeping like a wind of change … Continue reading The Fruits of Freedom in British Togoland

Mukoma wa Ngugi: what decolonizing the mind means today

It has become a topic that is linked with the Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiongo. The relation between literature, language and colonialism. The topic has not been finished yet. His son Mukoma writes in this article about it. He harks back to the days that his father discovered the need to write in his mother … Continue reading Mukoma wa Ngugi: what decolonizing the mind means today

More than just an object

These days the southern African country Namibia seems to be known for its shifting sand dunes. Shifting sands and shifting colours. Till just over a century ago Namibia was a German colony (1884 – 1915), carrying the name Deutsch-Südwestafrika.  One of the colonial officers was Heinrich Ernst Göring (a son of him rose to fame in … Continue reading More than just an object

A conversation with Nakisanze Segawa

The name of the Africa country Uganda is derived from the name of the kingdom of Buganda in present day Uganda. The history of Buganda and other kingdoms is closely connected to the birth of Uganda. People from the outside come to the areas around the immense lake (now Lake Victoria). Arab traders from the … Continue reading A conversation with Nakisanze Segawa


This book was published 62 years ago, two years before the Nigerian Chinua Achebe published his ‘Things fall apart”. It is good to notice there was literary life in Africa, even West Africa before things fell apart. Ferdinand Oyono (1929 – 2010) was a diplomat and a politician frpom Cameroon. This book about the old man … Continue reading Review of LE VIEUX NÈGRE ET LA MÉDAILLE

Don’t vilify Conrad

The book is controversial or it has been made controversial by readers and critics.  The Heart of Darkness, is it about the African darkness. The darkness of the immense forests of the former Belgian colony Congo? Or is it the darkness of the Congolese soul, to which Joseph Conrad travelled?  Or is it the darkness … Continue reading Don’t vilify Conrad