This book is a collection of stories by the Flemish writer Lieve Joris. Most of her time she spends on the road or in The Netherlands. Some of these stories have been published before in magazines. Lieve takes us to Mali, where she introduces us to Binda who manages a telephonebooth, who he has named … Continue reading review MIJN AFRIKAANSE TELEFOONCEL


The number of hbooks about and from Congo / Zaire almost equals the seize of the country. This not a new book, but one dating from 1978. Written by a Belgium lawyer named Jules Chomé. For many years Chomé has been closely involved with th developments in Congo/Zaire. He was the one who defended in … Continue reading review L’ASCENSION DE MOBUTU

review CONGO

This is an plus size book, meant to read and view. There are many pictures in this book, showing life of the Belgian citizens living in Congo, during the colonial era. It was the world of the civil servants and later in time of the people who wanted to set up shop in the country … Continue reading review CONGO


What about the presidential election of 2006 in Congo? There were two candidates: one was the junior version of Kabila, and the other was Bemba. International election watchers had a close look during the elections. One of them was the Dutchman Jan Claveaux, who had worked as a missionary in Congo in the years 1960-175. … Continue reading review MUOYO WENU


This book (the  bulldozer of a revival) is a straightforward book. Right in your face. In it you will find the highlights and the deceptions and the difficulties of a journey that the writer Bram Krol made in January to March 2002 to Zaïre, or is it Congo still or again? The bulldozer is a … Continue reading review DE BULLDOZER VAN EEN OPWEKKING