The 40-year-old “prophetic” novel

It seems he wrote his novel while living in a tent after he was kicked out of a prestigious university, based at Oxford. Dambudzo Marechera wrote The House of Hunger. It was published 40 years ago. The House of Hunger was built with open windows on the future. Hunger entered the country in the latter … Continue reading The 40-year-old “prophetic” novel


The writer passed away in 1987. He had lived a fast and hectic live. He grew up in what was Rhodesia. This collection of short stories is a reflection of his life in the slums (far away from Salisbury) and his life in England, where he went into exile and studies. It is a collection … Continue reading review THE HOUSE OF HUNGER

dambudzo marechera

A brief survey of the short story, part 54: Dambudzo Marechera A writer who considered fiction a ‘form of combat’, his work is complex, challenging – and uniquely potent. (Literary shock treatment … Dambudzo Marechera. Photograph: Peter Johns) “Like overhearing a scream”, is how Doris Lessing described reading the Zimbabwean author Dambudzo Marechera’s 1978 book The … Continue reading dambudzo marechera