j.m. coetzee and the life of writing

The writer has met his book. The South African (but living overseas) writer J. M. Coetzee has been honoured by a book written about his work as a writer. The book has been launched by the writer David Atwell who had access to many resources. At a meeting at a bookshop he was involved in … Continue reading j.m. coetzee and the life of writing

a literary biography of south africa’s

At times I think a biography should be written when the bios of the person has ended. But is not easy for writers to wait, to collect material, to interview the person and friends and relatives and wait till time has run its course. J.M. Coetzee is still very much alive, his bios continues, but … Continue reading a literary biography of south africa’s

david attwell reveals the four

He is working on a critical biography of the South African writer J.M. Coetzee. He lectures at York University, but is not unwilling to travel to South Africa to speak about the work of this writer. His name is David Attwell. He discovered four surprises in the work of Coetzee.