review of COBRA

As far as I know books by Deon Meyer are not just books about a police corps and a criminal. There are lines to the political scene, the banking scene, the tech scene, the scene where alcohol flows freely. The story of COBRA starts at the famous Franschhoek in South Africa. This is apart of … Continue reading review of COBRA

review of 7 DAYS

Who was Hanneke Sloet? She was a corporate lawyer in South Africa. She was murdered in her own apartment. But who was she? With whom did she have contacts, at her work, outside her work? The case has been closed without finding the murderer. But the situation changes very rapidly when an unknown sniper decides … Continue reading review of 7 DAYS

review of DEVIL’S PEAK

This is the second book by the South African writer Deon Meyer that I have read. Now I have turned to Devil’s Peak, a book published in English in 2008. This makes clear that I am lagging behind about 20 years. This time span however did not turn me into a time traveller. I was … Continue reading review of DEVIL’S PEAK

‘n Eerste vir Deon Meyer se gewilde Bennie Griessel

For a writer it can be hazardous to return to an earlier success. Deon Meyer will attempt it, by returning to his literary character Bennie Griessel. Griessel is a policeman who was present on the pages of some of Meyer books. Read more about this return to Griesel here. 


He did it again! Deon Meyer wrote another captivating book, shorter that his other works. Let me explain why this one is sooo much shorter. This book has been published as a give away during the weeks of thrillers The Netherlands. Every year there are some weeks with special attention to thrillers. One writer is … Continue reading DIE VROU IN DIE BLOU MANTEL