Ten years later. And he still has a special place in his mind and in his heart for those days in Tanzania.  He worked in that country as a medical doctor and he has returned to work in a church-run hospital. This time he travels to Ndala, in the northeast of Tabora. It seems that … Continue reading review VIJFTIG MAANDEN ZWAAR


For a period of four years the Dutchman Ad Groen worked as a medical doctor in a mission hospital located in Turiani. This place is situated in the northeast of Tanzania. He was recruited by a Roman Catholic NGO, named Memisa. Ad Groen has managed to put down those four years in a very readable … Continue reading review WAT WEET IK ER EIGENLIJK VAN?


On behalf of a Dutch Broadcasting Corporation the two writers of this book stayed a few months in Ghana. Once a week they made a radio broadcast on the situation in Ghana. The small book is a collection of stories they wrote during their stay. Ofcourse you wil find a visit (inescapable) to the former … Continue reading review STANDPLAATS GHANA

the white-saviour industrial complex

Just imagine: A young girl from a middle-class background in a western country is collecting money for a good purpose. She uses her facebook contacts, she tweets about it. She wants to spend her holidays in an African country to help orphans. At the end of her period she recounts that she wanted to make … Continue reading the white-saviour industrial complex

review HULP

There is so much enthousiasm and hope in this book written by these two authors.  Development Aid is under pressure and increasingly so. People doubt the usefulness of the money and resources  spent. What about the influence of corruption? What about the white elephants? Isn’t it better to have Mutual trade instead of a one … Continue reading review HULP


A Dutch christian NGO was approaching a celebration. That was the reason to ask writer cum pastor Adrian Verbree to travel to the eastern parts off the Congo to see at first hand the work that the NGO does. He could visit projects, talk to churchmembers and fellow pastors. And after the journey he could … Continue reading review DE BRON VAN DE CONGO