The last novel by the Nobelprize winner Doris Lessing (1919-2013) is an attempt at a special kind of biography. She writes a biography about her parents Alfred Tayler and Emily McVeagh that is not a biography, not even two biographies. What does Doris do? She takes away one very important historical event away from the … Continue reading review ALFRED & EMILY

Doris Lessing’s Nobel medal goes up for auction

The famous writer Doris Lessing, with strong links to Rhodesia / Zimbabwe, where she lived and worked, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 2007. A few years later, in 2013, she passed away. When she won the Nobel Prize she received a medal. Now this medal is up for sale. The auction … Continue reading Doris Lessing’s Nobel medal goes up for auction

mi5 spied on doris

In the colonial days and during the cold war the communists were perceived to be the enemy (not without reason). The world of spying was an extensive world, that not only focused on politicians but also on writers and singers. One of the writers who was followed was Doris Lessing, who spent many years in … Continue reading mi5 spied on doris

mi5 spied on novelist doris

Often there is a close relationship between politics and writing. Some writers get kicked into jail. Others prefer to leave the country. Some get followed by the secret service. This following got the writer Doris Lessing. For many years she was followed by the British MI5 due to her communist leanings.