Color is a language in itself

The poet is the one that seems to stand at the sidelines when there is talk about literature. Every time I discover a collection of poetry I am happy to pass the news on to a wider audience. This time it is about the poet Mahtem Shiferraw, a lady with Ethiopian and Eritrean roots. Her … Continue reading Color is a language in itself


On the cover of this book it is written that this book is a novel. Reading the book I travelled from novel, to autobiography, to guide, to informationcenter. It is a mixture written out of love for the people of Eritrea. The story centers around the journey of Wim (!) to Eritrea. He is in … Continue reading HET KOFFIERITUEEL

‘White Is A Color | Black Is Art’

Mahtem Shiferraw is a poet with Ethiopian and Eritrean roots. At an early age she started writing p oetry in Italian, the language she learned at school. She now has moved to another part of the world, but she keeps on writing poems. Her first collection Fuchsia has been published. In this interview with Short … Continue reading ‘White Is A Color | Black Is Art’


I took the wrong order. I first read her second book and  now I have read her first book. The writer is the Eritrean Senait Mehari, who now lives in Germany and makes a career in music. This music is a far cry from the life she lived as a childsoldier in the war of … Continue reading FEUERHERZ