The title of this book by the South African writer Etienne van Heerden took my into the wrong direction. The name Kikoejoe (or in English : Kikuyu) reminded me of the people living in and near the capital city Nairobi. One of the was the first president and now one of his children is the … Continue reading KIKOEJOE


Etienne van Heerden (1954) is a South African writer. He was raised in a family where the Afrikaner language was the lingua franca. His mother was a teacher in mathematics and his father raised sheep. I do not know if this life near a sheepfarmer has inspired him or influenced him in writing this book … Continue reading review DIE STOETMEESTER

hundreds of them

There were books. Hundreds of them. Put in cardboard boxes. Sorted in a way. Read by someone, old, young. Maybe some books were discarded unread. I searched my way around the boxes. And I ended up with five books to add to my collection. I will pile them next to my easy chair. Sometimes a … Continue reading hundreds of them

week van de afrikaanse roman

Today, in The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), starts the “week of the African novel”. I was eager to find who would be going to the Low Lands. Any of the young and already famous African writers? When I had a closer look at the website I discovered that Africa had shrunk quite a bit. This … Continue reading week van de afrikaanse roman

just a bicycle-ride away

Today a week ago I hopped on my bicycle and headed south. That is the shortest route to the nearest secondhandshop. There is a fair section with secondhandbooks. Once a while I move south to discover “new” books. I had a good harvest of books discarded by others, my moment of recycling had arrived. I … Continue reading just a bicycle-ride away