Listen: Tracy Going discusses Brutal Legacy with Eusebius McKaiser

The famous South African broadcaster Tracy Going has published a book on her life and her relationship. Earlier I have paid attention to the publication of this book. Now you can listen here to an interview with Tracy Going. 

the new book from eusebius mckaiser

Years after the abolition of apartheid there is still a hot debate on the matter of race in South Africa. Preferential treatment or equal treatment? What simmers underneath the surface? The writer Eusebius McKaiser has written a book on this topic. Here you find some more information on this book. 

another excerpt from a bantu

He played a prominent role during the days of the discussions on the benefits and drawbacks of the white literary festivals and systems. But he is more than that. Next month his next book will be published. In it he will disclose the Bantu in his bathroom. The name of the writer is Eusebius McKaiser.

join kabelo mabalane

You can always run away form your problems. But where do you hide? How long do you have to run? How far do you have to run? When do you get exhausted and collapse? Kabelo Mabalane (from South Africa) wrote his story of his life, a life of music and drug addiction. In a few … Continue reading join kabelo mabalane

eusebius mckaiser to chair a panel discussion

And the next episode on the all-blacks and the all-whites in literary circles in South Africa. Thando Mgqolozana made a moving contribution at the Franschhoek Literary Festival when he sat at a panel. He made known that he will no longer attend white literary festivals. Some other writers had preceded him, other followed.  McKaiser was … Continue reading eusebius mckaiser to chair a panel discussion