The case for Lusophone African literature

One of the hidden gems of African literature is the Lusophone literature coming from our continent. For many people this Lusophone language is a castle that cannot be entered, but fortunately there are translators doing a good job. In this article Yovanka Paquete Perdigao writes about this segment of African literature.

poets speak out for refugees

Five young poets, based in London, speak out about the present refugee crisis. The crisis has been around for some time, but now it has reached the European countries (note: in western Europe, not many refugees travel to Russia).  Now these poets speak out, some of them have been refugees, left their country of origin. 


What is like to be Afro-American in Africa? That is what Eddy wonders about. He does not entertain thoughts about his ancestry, like : I am able retrace the steps of my forefathers and foremothers. His journey starts in Paris, a town with many people coming from West Africa. They have gone to paris in … Continue reading review NATIVE STRANGER