The top West African diaspora authors you must read

According to this article this is the top in writing with its origin in West Africa. All these writers are no longer living in West Africa but have moved, some at a young age, to other pastures.  Many are now living in the United States of America. The majority of the writers mentioned has Nigerian … Continue reading The top West African diaspora authors you must read

Prolific writer Oyeyemi shortlisted for BBC short story award

The Nigeria rooted writer Helen Oyeyemi (1984) has published numerous books and short stories. Now one of her short stories has been shortlisted for the BBC National Short Story Award. There are four other stories on this shortlist, by four other writers. Read more about it here.  

Nigerian Writer, Helen Oyeyemi, wins PEN USA 2017 OPEN BOOK Award

Some literary prizes have a short name, e.g. Nobel Prize. Others do have a long and complicated  name. Take as an example of the last one the name of the following prize: “Exceptional Book-Length Work of Literature By An Author of Color Published In 2016”. I wonder. Is the length of the book exceptional? Is … Continue reading Nigerian Writer, Helen Oyeyemi, wins PEN USA 2017 OPEN BOOK Award

10 cross-cultural novels

The world is shrinking, more and more people travel over the world settle at places that are new to them, they invade other cultures, they leave the countryside and move into towns with a complex population. These changes have left their mark in the world of literature. Here you find 10 books that address the … Continue reading 10 cross-cultural novels

helen oyeyemi

Books from and about Africa. In reality the subtitle of my blog has been expanded to ‘Books and writers from and about Africa’. Sometimes I wonder how the link can be established? Has the writer been born in Africa? Were the parents born in Africa? Is in their writings a links with the continent? Let … Continue reading helen oyeyemi

100 notable books of 2014

The year is not over yet, but all around me I see booklists on 2014. The best coockery books. The best historical novels. The best ‘you name it’.  The New York Times collected notable books, hundred of them. I ran through the names and titles and I discovered some African roots. Just run through the … Continue reading 100 notable books of 2014